Are you fed up of printing and your print looks nothing like the image on your monitor

The good news is it can be fixed in 99 out of 100 cases and you could have perfect looking prints that matches your monitor output.

Peter uses Professional display calibration equipment for Colour Management  and can match your Inks and paper for a near perfect match.

Colour accuracy between Monitor and printer has been a concern of many photographers for years, but mostly it can be 95% achieved with proper Calibration of your printer, paper, inks and your monitor.

Each paper type has to have its own profile, also the inks must stay the same or the profile will not be correct, which means if you buy inks from a different manufacturer, all your papers will have to be profiled once again.

Of course you can contact your paper manufacturer for a profile,  they will send you details of what to do, this involves you printing  a colour chart which you send off to them, they will then make you a profile and send it to you via email, some charge for a custom profile, or they do generic profiles which you can download from their website.



Profiling Charts
Profiling Charts